BEST OF 2019: Top 10 Songs

Disclaimer: this list is my opinion and of course not fact. I am not a music expert nor am I trying to analyse the songs in what I write about them. Any tracks listed were released from January 1st to December 31st of 2019. There will also be no artist represented twice in the list, even though several of them have released multiple songs which could have made it.

10. nightmare by halsey

I never thought that 2019 would be the year of me finally liking a song by Halsey, but she proved me wrong with the release of Nightmare. The message of this song sits perfectly within its rock sound and fiery music video that goes alongside it.

Why on Earth is Halsey not including this song on her upcoming album?

9. Don’t start now by dua lipa

The first time I heard this song was in a nightclub and that’s where it belongs. This is a track that everyone can relate to, or at least dance to – whether they want to or not. It takes the classic scenario of a guy deciding to care about you once you’ve moved on and turns it into something trivial and upbeat. What better song to drunkenly sing along and bop to?


This song received a lot of negative reviews upon the release of Love + Fear but it’s one of my favourite tracks from the album. Yes, it is quite basic in the context of MARINA’s discography, but why does that have to be a bad thing? It addresses those people we’ve all had in our lives at one point or another and ousts them for once and for all. It’s relatable and a great song to pregame to before a night out, FYI.

7. International woman of leisure by la roux

With no music released in over five years, I wasn’t sure what to expect from La Roux in 2019. However, the singer delivered a laid back and somewhat sassy track which has left me wanting to hear more from her upcoming album Supervision in the new year.

6. Never really over by katy perry

After the disaster that was Witness in 2017, I had very little faith in a new Katy Perry song. Yet, Never Really Over delivered one of the best choruses of the singer’s career and is one of the catchiest songs of 2019. Although it has become somewhat forgettable since its release, it’s still one of my most played tracks of the year and is an enjoyable listen. The follow up single Small Talk, however… Let’s just pretend that never happened.


After the critical acclaim of Emotion, people were expecting a lot from Carly Rae Jepsen when it came to the release of Dedicated. This is one of the few songs which is a true match to the hits she is well known for and makes it appear as though she is able to make such songs effortlessly at this point in her career.


This is hands down my favourite Miley Cyrus song of all-time. It has an inspiring message and is one of the few tracks I know of that you can dance and cry to at the same time. The frustrating thing about this song is that it became a tease for the rest of the music Cyrus was supposed to release this year and just… didn’t.


When Avril Lavigne took five years off from music to fight for her life against Lyme disease, many of her fans did not expect to be met with songs like I Fell in Love with the Devil. The self-written track showcases Lavigne’s powerful vocals and abilities as a songwriter as she sings about needing to be saved from a bad man that she met during her health battle. It sounds like it could have been plucked right out of her 2004 sophomore album Under My Skin which is nothing but a good thing, especially for those that had lost faith in her music since 2007’s The Best Damn Thing. It’s not one of her most famous songs but is definitely worth a listen.

2. CINNAMON GIRL BY lana del rey

When they say don’t judge an album by its awful artwork, it’s because of songs like this. Upon the release of Norman Fucking Rockwell, I had sadly lost interest in the release of a new Lana Del Rey album, despite loving everything she has released since and including Born To Die. I only properly gave this record the attention it deserves in the last few weeks, but this track has immediately made itself one of my favourites by the singer. From the melancholy lyrics to the song’s sombre sound, it delivers everything I want from a Lana Del Rey track.


Sure, I know what you’re thinking… Conor Clark naming a Taylor Swift song as his favourite song of the year is so groundbreaking it hurts, right?

It’s no surprise that with the release of Lover came a stream of new songs I was going to love, but Cornelia Street managed to make it into my top three favourite Swift songs of all-time. There’s something about this song that finds the perfect balance between raw and emotional and hits just right when you listen to it. Whenever I listen to a song, the lyrics are always what I pay attention to over anything else and once again Swift delivered a lyrical masterpiece. As she sings about the lover she so desperately does not want to lose and the street where they share so many memories, the listener is able to build a clear image of what Swift describes and find themselves relating to something they were not apart of which is the best gift music can give.


  • Lover by Taylor Swift
  • Fake Smile by Ariana Grande
  • On a Roll by Ashley O
  • Raising Hell by Kesha feat. Big Freedia
  • It Was in Me by Avril Lavigne
  • Sucker by Jonas Brothers
  • Slide Away by Miley Cyrus
  • Hustle by P!nk

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