London Explored: does LGBTQ+ nightlife have a future in the capital?

Made by Conor Clark.
University College London reported that 58% of LGBTQ+ venues closed down from 2003-2017. I spoke with two people familiar with the industry to see what they think about the future of LGBTQ+ nightlife in the capital.

Special thanks to Stella Meltdown and Piper Stone for featuring in the piece and to The Glory for allowing me to film inside the venue. Shoutout to Cassandra for being apart of an amazing performance with Stella Meltdown at The Glory’s event, Trouble on December 6th.

You can find Stella Meltdown on Instagram @stella_meltdown and at the Bimbo Party on Saturday December 14th:…

You can find Piper Stone on Instagram @misspiperstone.

You can also find Cassandra on Instagram @stephen_cassandra_eyre!

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