Big Brother 22: Final Thoughts

Earlier this week, season 22 of Big Brother came to an end after 16 “All Star” players competed for the prize once more. The game was dominated by The Committee alliance, who won almost every competition of the summer and controlled the vast majority of the game – which made for awful television and left many fans disappointed by the season. But whether you loved or hated BB22, it left us with a lot to discuss and as such here are my final thoughts on the season.


Overall, this cast delivered pretty much what we expected them to – not much at all. The season was lacklustre to say the least, with the cast’s bigger names (and actual All Stars…) being some of the earlier boots of the season. It was a disappointing cast from the moment it was revealed, but regardless it’s not something to dwell on as the fact we even got a season of Big Brother during the pandemic is something to celebrate. It’s also worth noting that there were some bigger names supposed to return, such as Derrick Levasseur and Dan Gheesling, but for reasons which are still unclear, they didn’t make the cast’s final cut.


Although it’s safe to say that Cody was the deserving winner of this season, it’s hard to see him on the same level as many of the show’s previous winners. Not only was a lot of his dominance thanks to an alleged pregame alliance, he wasn’t exactly up against the toughest competition. A lot of this season’s “All Stars” weren’t known for their strategy or physical ability, but were either memorable names or flopped on their first season and All Stars served as a second chance.

Where Cody does get props, however, is his competition wins. No amount of pregame alliances can account for eight total comp wins, made up of four HoH’s and four PoV’s. These wins were an impressive achievement and also helped solidify his position in the game from very early on. Although I would still argue that he is a lower tier winner, he is the only player to make it to the Final 2 without being nominated in Big Brother USA history which deserves recognition and cements his place as the rightful winner of BB22.


Despite being third out and finishing in 14th place, this has to go to Janelle for a number of reasons. Coming into the game, Janelle and Kaysar appeared to be the only players willing to make big moves and not blindly follow what the HoH wants. The two realised they were targets in the very first week after meeting with Cody and were bold enough to do something about it by playing in the Safety Suite competition, which was the first (and one of the only) big moves of the season. Janelle had her finger on the pulse of what was going on in the house from day one and warned everyone about exactly what was going to happen if they didn’t act in those early weeks. She saw Nicole F and Cody as the obvious duo that they were and even revealed on finale night that she would have nominated Cody and Enzo (who went on to be the Final 2) if she had won HoH in the first week. If that doesn’t show that she was the best player in the house, then I don’t know what else will.

There has been a lot of talk about Da’Vonne being the only player to make a big move when she used the Veto on Kevin during Dani’s HoH reign, but the simple fact is that it was too little too late. Janelle warned the Houseguests time and time again of the situation they faced and they all ignored her and instead chose to sit around and wait to be picked off. Had they listened to her in the first few weeks, there is a good chance that we would have had a very different, and much better, season of Big Brother which is why Janelle was the best player of the season.


Really, could it be anyone besides Enzo? We heard week after week about how he was going to make “big moves” (see above GIF) and that he wanted the previous winners out. But when it came down to it, Enzo did neither of those things despite having the opportunity to on numerous occasions. His first HoH win didn’t appear to benefit him whatsoever as he targeted lone ranger Kaysar, his second saw ally Christmas get evicted, but that was nothing compared to when he was the sole vote to save Nicole F during the triple eviction. From that point onwards, Enzo all but ensured he would have no shot at winning the game as he put Cody in the best position possible to win and lost his final chance to make a big move and earn the jury’s respect. After spending the season in Cody’s shadow and talking a big game without delivering, Enzo may have won $50,000 but he also solidified his place as BB22‘s worst player.


After rooting for Nicole F in BB16, the underdog became the villain on her winning season, BB18. Despite this, I was happy for her when she did win for reasons that I won’t go into, but then came along Big Brother 22. Nicole constantly played the victim and refused to own the moves she was making which was, quite frankly, infuriating to watch. To say it was refreshing to finally see someone call out Nicole F’s gameplay would be an understatement, so when Janelle did just that it was hard to not have it be the top moment of the season. Not only did this confrontation bring some excitement to what was a very boring and predictable season, it also served as a reminder of why Janelle is the only Houseguest to play the game four times – she’s an amazing player but also makes phenomenal television.

Big Brother 22: Final Thoughts

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