GAY Late: the guilty pleasure of London’s gay community

GAY Late is the bar equivalent of a Taylor Swift song that everyone secretly listens to, but will never admit to it. From the cute guys to the cheesy pop music that plays all night long, this is the guilty pleasure of London’s gay community. You’ll hear everything from what’s in this week’s charts to a 1960s Cher song, but you’ll be getting so lit from the cheap drinks that whatever comes out of the speakers will get you popping and dropping. You’ll enjoy it most as a post-work treat, with those of us on a budget going for the free entry and staying for Monday to Thursday’s £1.80 drinks (yes, literally £1.80!). What more could you want from a late-night bop in Soho? Instagram-worthy moments of you singing along to a throwback tune or sitting in the bar’s huge velvet circle for a photo are just an added bonus.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

More info is available at

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